Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Feb 27-11 Travelogue

Sunday February 27, 2011
I finally slept till my alarm bolted me awake this morning. Funny that my choice of sound is an air raid siren and in those first few seconds that I become conscious, I panic and have an urge to duck and hide.  Breakfast was the same as its been for 5 days so I satisfied myself with a glass of juice and a couple pieces of watermelon. Perhaps I will lose the 20 lbs that have been on my New Year’s resolutions for the last 10 years!
I had to use the washroom at the smelter today for the first time. Little did I know what a chore it would be. They do not supply toilet paper in the stalls, though I was visibly relieved to see toilets.  They have a woman who comes in after you are done to make sure everything flushes and she lays about 6 squares on the back of the toilet. Not that I knew it was there when I finished my business!
I flew in with the last of a head cold and ended up with an ear infection which antibiotics have all but eliminated. Unfortunately I now have a full blown chest cold, though the guys all say they had one for a month upon arriving. I will live with it, though I am right out of Fishermens Friends to suck on and have only dristan left over from my head cold. What I’d give for a bottle of Buckleys!
I am struggling with an issue.  Does a Canadian in Columbia use Canadian spellings for American workers? Given the spelling on the reports I get, I think I could be forgiven for spelling colour and cheque but no, its been noticed. Hmmmm.
Lunch was the best ever today… They lured me to stand in line for rice and barbequed chicken breast but ran out just before my turn so I got pork roast and rice with steamed green beans and it was very good. Monkey Brains fruit for desert and I have learned to use a fork to scoop them out. Its kinda like sucking sushi down and once you get over the gag thing, they’re actually very good.
Dinner on Sunday nights is by a menu though they strongly recommended that I go for the sea bass which was okay on a bed of rice. They seem to have brought the idea of the 100 mile diet down to about 2 miles as the chicken around here still has the neck on it including a few feathers. The fish is caught in the muddy river just down the road and I dare not ask what the metal content would be.