Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday March 3, 2011 Travelogue

Wednesday March 2, 2011
I had a warm shower last night! It only lasted for about a minute but oh sweet heaven it was nice while it lasted. I managed to shampoo, rinse and lather up my muscular body, and as sudden as it was warm, it went cold, drowning my sudden euphoria and bringing back my girl-like squeals.
I was delighted to wake up this morning with no coughing, hacking or gobs of snot that wouldn’t go down the shower drain.  Amazingly I am 99% recovered, can hear again and am feeling great. Nice!
Today was a neat day for me in that I was called to a meeting, assigned an interpreter who communicated to me via my headset and we rolled out the next stage of the project. It was cool to participate in the task hazard analysis and they were very impressed with my input.  A couple hours of later I had completed a 7 page analysis complete with controls and risk ratings before and after the controls and names of people responsible to make it all happen. 
I’m surprised how quickly darkness falls down here. Last night I bent over to tie my boot laces and when I got up again, it was dark. It’s just that fast and it happens right around 6 pm. I guess its autumn here and we are just starting the rainy season.  Its now raining here several times a day and as I type its coming down in sheets, which only ads to the humidity. Now I know why they suggested an umbrella which is packed safely back at my room. Thank goodness I spend 90% of my time in an air conditioned office.