Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crawfish Etufex at Papadeux

I was at a Tradeshow in Dallas Texas a few years back when the fella in the booth next to me said that you haven't been to the south until you go to Papadeax and have crawfish etoufee.  He explained that this was "Theeee dish o' the south" and he described it as crawfish smothered in a tangy cajun tomato sauce.  Well that set me to salivating and right after the show ended that day, I had a taxi drop me off at the famous Papadeax restaurant downtown.  When Miss Dallas seated me and asked if I wanted a menu, I just smiled and ordered the etoufee, happy at the thought of this great opportunity. A few minutes later she brought a big bowl to my table and I was aghast to find tiny crawfish swimming in what looked like dish water. A few spoonfuls confirmed my first impression except that the HOT spices masked the taste of dishsoap and I was unable to continue. So much for my cajun journey!  Fortunately they also had deep fried alligator on the menu and I made a switch to that, enjoying it very much!