Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Back in the Koots

I'm back in the Kootenays.  April finds me back working in the Kootenays after a great winter spent driving and flying back and forth between BC, Alberta and Mexico.  I packed up my Xterra and spent a month driving to Acapulco just after Christmas, returning to work in Alberta for the month of February.  March found me at a pulpmill shutdown in Castlegar and then I returned to Acapulco and drove with my daughter to Veracruz, where my Xterra still remains. As I type, I worked an 8 hour shift at Teck Metals in the acid plant this morning and am now doing another 8 hours at the Hugh Keenleyside dam this afternoon. Life is good. I don't know what to expect in May but I have concluded I need to go back to Veracruz by July to pick up my Xterra and get it out of Mexico.  I have been warned that it becomes the property of the Mexican government if it isn't out of the country by July 4th!

Leaving the north country

San Francisco Waterfront

California Redwood

Saguaro Cacti in northern Mexico (Sonora)

I named my buen caballo (good horse) "Rosanthe" after Cervantes faithful steed in the Spanish novel about Don Xixote.
PS.  Those are my favourite flower Bougainvillea.

Boats in Mazatlan

Agave Plants for making tequila

Juanajuato - Don Quixote

Mi buen caballo (on the beaches of Oregon)

Mi buen caballo getting a bath in Dolores Hidalgo, north of Mexico City.


A Sonoran Hotspring in northern Mexico

Sonoran Landscape - Beautiful (Just north of Nacozari)

The old Mexican City of Alamos

Just north of Mazatlán (23°26′N 110°15′W)

A must see - Guanajuato
A UN Heritage sight.  The streets run in "worm holes" or tunnels under the city.  I stayed two extra nights here.

My hero - Don Quizote

Mexican Beauty

Good ol Nacozari de Garcia , Sonora

These pics are from my one (and only) night in a Mexican "Hotel"...


Mexican Jumping Beans in Alamos