Thursday, January 7, 2016

Saudi Safety Guy

My new address in Baysh Village about 100 km north of the Yemen border in South Western Saudi Arabia.

Well, I've arrived.  The first week of January 2016 has found me on a 38 hour plane ride chasing the night sky from Calgary to Dubai and onto the village of Baysh in south western Saudi Arabia where I am employed as an EHS Manager at a Titanium smelter.
It was an uneventful series of flights and aside from leaving in a blizzard (my flight from Castlegar was cancelled due to a snow storm; my son Tyler drove me to Calgary), there was nothing that remarkable about getting here.

My new accommodations:

Gated apartment compound in a rural area alongside a busy highway.

Cold water but it works!

My fridge and two burner hot plate.

I can sit on the toilet and shower at the same time!

The drive from Jizan to Baysh took about an hour and was a bit of a white knuckle ride, the traffic being fast and the painted lines, when you can even see them, serve only as a rough guide for which lane to use. Vehicles are often three or four abreast each way on the two lane highway I travelled today with many drivers zigging and zagging between and around other vehicles at dangerous speeds. Horns are honked liberally!