Friday, September 16, 2016

July - September 2016

Eid Mubark
Update to September 15, 2016

Let me take five minutes to step off of life's whirling carousel and recount the last few months.  In early July, I overstayed my Saudi Arabian work visa right to the last day and managed to find myself walking the streets of Paris and Rome for about ten days.

Having been to Paris a half a dozen times over the past few years, I have always wanted to go to the famous Pere Lachaise Cemetery where Jim Morrison and many others are buried. 
My main reason for going was to stop by Guillaume Apollinaire's grave.  I am a fan of many of his quotes and short stories.

Notre Dame is always worth a visit with a nod to the martyr Saint Denis who lost his head and carried it through the streets of Paris back in about 258 AD.
I took a wander through the Louvre and said hi to my favourite sculptures. The Aphrodite, Venus de Milo hasn't changed a bit.
I always like to stroll Luxembourg and see the Fountain de Medici. Here, Polyphemus surprises the lovers, Acis and Galatea.
ROME:  I took about 700 steps to reach the basica of St. Paul at the Vatican and enjoy the view.

Venus Victrix (Canova)
The highlight of my trip to Rome was an appointment at the Gallery Borghese where I had two hours to examine some of the world's most famous sculptures including Canova's "Venus Victrix", Bernini's "Rape of Proserpine", "Apollo and Daphne", as well as his "David" and many many other famous sculptures and paintings.

"David" (Bernini)

"The Rape of Proserpine" (Bernini)
Note these details in Carrara Marble!

One of  hundreds of fountains in Rome...
Back home, I couldn't help but start my own sculpture in soapstone...

August found me taking it easy, turning 50 years old, and enjoying the company of loved ones.

Silly Lilly - Grand daughter turned 5

Rowing my boat with Zach, Lucas and Lilly (Grandkids)

I bought and moved a 40' seacan beside my shop for extra storage.

New addition to the family Mackenzie.

And now, I must jump back on that carousel we all call life and soldier on for another three or four months.  My new visa consists of two 90-day visits to Saudi Arabia so there will be no more 30-day escapes to see the world.  I am working 14 hour shifts seven days a week while we complete the first of two major furnace demolitions.  In addition, I continue my duties as Overall Safety Manager for the smelter with responsibilities also for Special Projects and a Finish Maintenance Team.