Sunday, October 7, 2012

Elections Day in Brazil

Sunday October 7, 2012

I have mentioned a couple times in this blog that Election Day was coming.  Ever since I got here, an endless parade of vehicles marked with various political colours, especially the blue flags (#12) and the green flags (#20), many with loud speakers, scantilly clad women and drunk men, has been circling the town.  The young men have taken their mufflers off their motorcycles and fireworks have been going off constantly day and night for a month, the party getting progressively more frenzied and out of control.  I saw several collisions between vehicles including motorcycles and couldn't believe that people would ride on the hood and on the roof of trucks and cars. Crazy!  Here are some pics to share... Imagine honking horns, loud speakers, music, political speaches, fireworks and cheering!

Military Police looking on..

And now, even as I type this, the ceaseless thunder of fireworks carries on.  The election results are in and it seems that the green flags (#20) were successful in this area.  I just rode downtown on my bike to see, and there wasn't a green flag to be seen.  The #20's are doing victory laps around the town while drunk men and women stagger through the frenzied traffic.