Saturday, September 10, 2011

Donegal - Galoway - Ennis, Ireland

Our Travels thus far...

Saturday September 10, 2011
Ty and I started our day with another Full English Breafast in Donegal Ireland. Its not that we don't love our daily dose of fried egg, Canadian bacon, sausages, grilled tomoato and toast but we'd give anything for a good batch of pancakes and maple syrup!  After breakfast, we had a look at the Donegal castle and abbey and then, just ahead of an incoming hurricane, we headed south for Donegal, enjoying the sites along the way, every view good enough for a postcard. We stopped along the Atlantic several times along the way and were able to sit, watch the swells roll in and contemplate the meaning of life.  Ty has been collecting sea shells while I have been collecting smiles, though he is winning on that score!
We pulled into Galoway for lunch and walked the streets, buying a few more souvenirs before continuing south to Ennis via the Cliffs of Moher, where I posed in my new Aran sweater.  By night we were snug as bugs in a rug at a very modern B&B and had steak dinner at the pub in town.  What a great day!

Oh ps. I got inked in Galoway!

I was so moved by one of the tombstones back at the Nichol graveyard in Omagh, that I had it tatooed on my left bicep today to commemorate my dream of going to Ireland.  I really wanted to take the celtic links home with me and nothing looked better than this to me!

PS Tyler and I have booked a flight to Italy on the 15th. We fly back out of Belfast after ditching our car, layover at London (stashing a suitcase full of souvenirs) and then fly into Rome on the morning of the 16th. After seeing the sites, we will be making our way back to London via France till about September 25th.