Sunday, September 4, 2011

York to Carlisle, UK

Sunday September 4, 2011

We woke up to yet another full English breakfast, though there was no blood sausage this time. Whewww!

We took to the streets, this time in the shadow of a most imposing structure; York Minster.  One of the largest structures in all of Europe.

which doesn’t open for tours until 12:30 due to services.  Ty and I tried to give our confession but it had been too long for both of us, so we walked over to what little castle they have left. It pales in comparison to what we have seen.

and then toured the Viking museum

which is an open excavation under the streets. Its quite a fascinating exhibit and a hell of a history lessons to barbarians like us.  It seems that 400 years after the Romans pulled up stakes, the Vikings came along and lived in mud houses dug in the peat moss, using intricately carved  Roman stones for fireplaces.  Quite barbarian considering what the Romans came up with.

We also came on to a couple of groups stick-fighting in the town square:

We were also able to view a half dozen very well preserved gladiator skeletons, all of which had been decapitated and left in the neutral (0 PH) soil.  Some had fang and tooth marks from lions and all had been stabbed with swords.  Too Cool.

Then, we toured the famous Treasurer’s House looking closely for ghosts and apparitions but saw nothing except lots of old funiture in an old rich person's house.

Finally we were able to tour all of the gothic cathedral, York Minster including climbing the 275 steps to the main tower and all of the cellar and crypts.  Most fascinating, aside from the numerous royal weddings which have been here, was the size of this structure and engineering, and rebuilding of the foundations, including the unearthing of the various Roman and Norman foundations at this site, dating back to 100 AD.  Fascinating actually!

As the afternoon sun grew longer, we took for the freeway and drove to Newcastle on Tyne, a much larger city than we first thought and after a brief walk through China Town and along the city walls, we headed west to discover Hadrian’s wall.'s_Wall

We drove it for all of the 80 miles stopping at various mile forts along the way, always on the look out for marauding Scots from the north.  All we saw was sheep and I managed to video Ty turning a flock back with his word.

Evening found us driving the streets of Carlisle, Northern England looking for a B&B with some success, though as I type this, thugs and hookers are walking the street in front of us and we are staying put for the evening.  We did have a very nice dinner at a carvery.  Who knew that "gammon" is pork?!!  Tomorrow is Tyler’s 20th birthday and we intend to spend it in Edinburgh, hopefully for a couple of nights. We desperately require a laundry for the purposes of clean socks and underwear! (Though we may just buy kilts and skip the underwear... Laughs)  Scotland here we come!!!

Now that's a Yorkshire Pudding!