Monday, September 19, 2011

Rome to Genova Italy

Monday September 19, 2011

Dear faithful readers; I have some sad news... my camera succumbed to mortality today and is done. Finished. Kaput. Morto. It is now, more than ever, that my skills will come to the test as this humble writer tries to paint his day with words.

Ty and I spent our final night in our Rome B&B. For some reason, Susanna our chamber maid did not show up to make our beds yesterday and we had no croissants delivered to our door this morning... Rough! That left us with corn flakes and old toast but we made due and were off to find a car rental. Based on the thought that all of our travel options could be found at the international airport, we took the subway and train to Fiumicino and approached several car rental agencies to no success: They require 24 hour reservations for cars (who knew?!!!) and won't let us take one across the border. So going to option 2, we booked a train as far north as Genova, Italy and tried to book a car for tomorrow from Nice France to London via Paris, though the drop-off cost was definitely prohibitive. So with little more planning than that, we hopped the 15:45 train to Genova, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. 

Many people's dream includes a slow train ride through the Italian countryside, but its torture to Ty and I who are used to coming and going as we please. Highlights of our 6 hour train ride include looking at the skyline at Pisa for their tower but it has obviously fallen over because we couldn't see it. We traced the sea shore of the Mediterranean for hundreds of miles catching glimpses of the aqua coloured swells rolling in, and even splashing on to the highways which are built right on the surf. Another view that will remain with us forever is the sunset which lit up half the western sky in a brilliant red while the homes on the mountains to our other side glowed copper like embers. Bella!
We arrived in Genova just after 9 pm and walked the downtown neighbourhood. This is a rough area with what looks like more Somali Pirates walking the streets than Italians. Los of drunks too. We grabbed a hotel looking over the famous monument to Christopher Columbus and will head for France in the morning, hopefully swimming topless on a beach by noon.

For dinner, we walked down the street to a sidewalk cafe and Ty had Ravioli while I had spaghetti with sea food.

Fear not faithful readers, I shall buy a camera as soon as the opportunity arises!