Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rome - Day III

Woa... Its late... no idea the time because our I-phones keep changing to Pacific time and my laptop says 1:32 pm which can't be right because its dark. I'll keep this short because sleep is calling me with its long welcoming index finger. We got up, we did the Coliseum, we did Palatino Hill and then we walked, ate spaghetti and pizza and drank too much wine and told each other secrets and now its late and we are a little bit inebriated but back at our room safe.  Enjoy the pics!

Oh and I read that Piux IX granted a 50 day indulgence to anyone kissing his right foot following confession so I have 49 days left now!

Those Romans were rough on sculptures... most noses and peckers are gone... The noses I understand because they were big but not the peckers! Light weights!

We don't know what to expect tomorrow but by our third bottle of wine before, during and after dinner, we were convinced that with me driving tomorrow and Ty calling out exits, we can go to a nice little town in France, on the Mediterranean called Nice (How about that!) and swim with the mermaids.  If that doesn't work, flying is option #2 and taking a train to Paris is option #3. Yes I know... dirty job but... and we have a week to kill yet. From there, Spain is just a border away, though so is Switzerland... Big Smile.