Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And now it begins (I think)

Tuesday September 18, 2012

My morning started with a brisk walk to the Company medical clinic for another donation of blood followed immediately by a planning meeting for a couple hours. By noon I was hungry enough to eat a horse so I walked down to my newest favourite restaurant and had some food with Rosemary and the gang.

This hearth is actually the top of a charcoal fired oven which keeps everything nice and hot!

Juanita and Rosemary

Noon Update:  The plan is to head to the plant around 1 pm, tour the furnace and start doing some risk assessments and task hazard analysis.

Onca Puma Smelter - Owned by Vale

6:30 pm Update
So a small group of us on the Supervisory team went to the plant and met with the local company reps. Tomorrow marks the first day of work at the plant while a team of us transcribes english safe work plans to Portugese templates.  The rest of the guys all have to attend one more full day of orientation at the technical school and I will catch up with that on Friday if the work plans are ready to go.
I still don't have my missing bag and I am no longer saying please and  thankyou about it. Today the company put a local travel agent on the case but I will continue with the use of expletives until it is in my possession.