Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ourilandia Do Norte - Day II

The road from my hotel into town

Thursday September 13, 2012
7 am found the 11 of us in our group standing in line at a local clinic staffed by at least a dozen local super models, all of which wore high heels, jeans and big smiles.  One by one, we had every nearly every organ in our bodies checked.  The tests included jogging on a treadmill, blood and urine tests, heart monitoring, brain function, hearing, sight, psychological (Do you hear voices?), and I even had to drop my pants to test for a hernia check.

The whole town stopped for lunch from noon until 2 pm, so we ate a couple of pachinos across the street at a local eatery. It seems these Brazilians can dip about anything in batter and cook it like a corn dog. I have seen burger patties, weiners, sausages and pieces of chicken so far. These, they call Pachinos.

I finished at the clinic around 3 pm and walked the mile or so back to my hotel in the 39 C heat. Its very hot but I stopped at a super market and picked up some laundry soap, a green orange, 3 wilted carrots and a can of coconut milk, which I am becoming fond of. 
Still no sign of my missing backpack which has my suntan lotion in it. I am missing a sandal and my favourite flashlight so far. I think someone went through my bag somewhere and got the flash light.. The sandal... who knows why anyone would steal one sandal?

My dinner (Chicken Stroganoff, and rice)