Sunday, September 16, 2012

Training Days

September 15/16, 2012

Forgive me my faithful readers for skipping a day yesterday.  Our crew has been spending our time being shuffled between our hotels and a classroom in a local technical school where we are taught Brazilian Safety rules in Portugese for long gruelling hours. This is due to liability reasons as Brazilian law requires us to be adequately trained in the performance of our duties, even if we are hired as demolition experts.
 I don't have much to report except my lost luggage has been located and should be here in a day or two.  I did manage to get stung on the forearm by some type of insect yesterday when I laid my arm on my lap. It swelled up in the evening but had gone down by morning so all is well. 
I have managed a couple of nice walks through town and what follows is just some random photos.


Little girl picking trash...

Sept 16, 2012 7 pm
And thats it to-date.  I was just told there won't be dinner served tonight but I pouted enough that they are going to make me a ham panini. Tomorrow is more training from 8 am - 10 pm, though we havent stayed that late yet. One day this week, all 15 of us have to fly back to Maraba and appear in front of the Federal Police to confirm we are working here as per our work visas. Its a 7 hour drive or a one hour flight...

PS.  Anyone need to use the squatter?