Monday, September 17, 2012

Last Day of Classes!

Monday September 17, 2012

"Primeiros Socorros" by Dr. Irineia (First Aid)

Typical of the local culture, we were at class and ready to go at 8 am with a full day's lessons ahead of us, only to decide by 10:30 am that we had enough for the day.  Our first aid training, again in Portugese included all the basics as well as frostbite and infant resucitation...

 I went for a walk in search of some fresh fruit and vegetables and was only too happy to locate what I thought were avacadoes.  Not!  These are Apple Guava's... citrus tasting fruits that are seedy but delicious and contain 4x the vitamin C as an orange!

17:20  Update
We returned to class from 4 pm - 5 pm for Lockout "Training" and now I'm free until one more class at 7 pm.  The word is that the Federal Police have gone on strike so the flight to Maraba is off for now.  Time to find some dinner...  :)
18:30 Update
Street Food along the main drag...
The one restaurant the company has a tab at ("Diva's") was closed so I ended up here with a friendly waitress named Rosemary who has lived in Ireland for six years and speaks relatively good english.
For $15 Reals which is the equivalent of $7.19 Canadian I had an all you can eat buffet Ourilandia style,
Lots of good veggies, protein and a few carbs.

08:00 pm  Typical of the communication and organization here, my partner Fred and I were to attend extra classes for Supervisors tonight but no one arranged a ride for us.  So I ended up in the drivers seat of a brand new company pickup with my trusty co-pilot Fred calling out directions as we crossed town on a side street.  We arrived at the Technical School a couple miles away to discover that it moonlights as a night school and is attended by several hundred young adults, at least half of which were Brazilian Super Models. We were able to complete four extra courses in the time it took us to sign our names at which time we were dismissed to find our way back across town to our hotels.
Tomorrow, we are to tour the plant and attend some preliminary planning meetings.  :)