Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday - Domingo!

I started my morning by taking responsibility for and signing off on the safety plans and equipment inspections for this project. It sounds like all systems are go and if my pass is issued, I should be working my first 13 hours shift by Wednesday or Thursday.  Tomorrow I am scheduled to attend the plant orientation all day with a couple of Peruvian colleagues who were also at Columbia when I worked there last year. 
After breakfast I tried to cut across some fields to the north of town in search of termite mounds but I was cut off by a large pack of dogs who thought I needed company. I make it a practice of wearing a large carabiner on my belt for the possibility that I may need to defend myself. I didn't need it in this case but just the same it's nice to know I can start swinging if I need to!

Detoured by the dogs, I ended up heading east out of town on the main highway where I walked all the way to the airport which is a few miles out of town. What follows are some of my random pics on my way out there...

Killer Ginea Hens and one is outside the fence... Run Kev.. Run!

Its a long walk to the next town... 145 km to Maraba!

I thought these were coffee beans but they tasted nothing like it!

One of several small to medium sized termite mounds I saw in my travels. They are hard as concrete!

Guava Fruit  (Of the Pomegranate family) - Contains 4 x as much Vitamin C as an orange!

Unnamed Bug which I discovered... herafter known as kevinusnicholusbugusus in latin...

Another hitherto unnamed specie which I will make up a name for as I go along... The erect yellow stalk which looks like a wax bean splits into a gorgious bloom.  Notice the fruit on the same tree below.

The remains of a 5' long python on the side of the road!

I arrived here missing a bag that had my 3rd injection of Hep A/B which I was supposed to administer myself.  Once my bag showed up a week later, I assembled the syringe and needle and tried to stab myself several times, always stopping a fraction of an inch away from my thigh or shoulder.  Fortunately, Day shift Superintendent Bob volunteered to do it today, a glint of sadism in his eye, and he stabbed it into my shoulder and emptied it with no problems. Thanks Bob!

After my noon siesta, I walked downtown and sat on the steps of a bank watching the world do its thing.  One thing I haven't mentioned is that political elections are pending and the streets are filled with cars, trucks and motorcycles decorated with the propaganda of several parties.  At any given time, the streets are surrounded by loud speakers mounted on vehicles playing music and giving campaign promises at about 120 decibels.  It is not uncommon to have three vehicles on one block all trying to drown the other out.  Fireworks are thrown in the air all day long and impromptu rallies are held in abandoned lots most evenings.

7:30 pm Update
As I updated my blog, strong winds blew in rattling the windows and rustling the palm trees outside my door. This was followed by a torrential down pour for about a half an hour which killed the internet.  When I went to see about dinner, I was reminded that there is no dinner on Sunday nights so I am satisfying myself with my now-ripe Abacate (oversize avocado) and a couple of kiwi.  I could walk down to Rosemary's Cantina but I'd eat too much!

Almost reminds me of the Cotswolds.. almost but not quite!